Words of wedding wisdom: WEDDING FLOWERS – what, who and how much?

Welcome to this series of articles based on my popular book, “The A to Z of Wedding Wisdom” … a few juicy extracts that you might like, to give you a taster of what the book can do to help make your wedding (or a friend or relative’s wedding) superbly successful.

This time, we look at…

Wedding flowers

If you have a friend or relative who is good at arranging flowers and offers to do yours for you, it can be very tempting to accept. Not only will you be pleasing the person concerned but also you will be saving a lot of money on professionals.

Trouble is, you could also be lining yourself up for problems. Well meaning amateurs often can do an excellent job. Often, too, they can underestimate the work involved with doing wedding flowers and find themselves utterly overwhelmed.

We all know how perishable flowers can be, obliging those who arrange them to work very fast and at the last minute, too. When faced with turning around flowers for the ceremony, the reception, the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the buttonholes for the guys, corsages for the Moms, table decorations, etc., etc., it’s enough to make anyone other than the most hardened of professionals burst into tears.

This is not something you want to discover the hard way, when it’s too late to take remedial action. But feelings can be hurt if you turn down the offer of amateur help.

Solution? Get your amateur flower expert to help you and the florist “design” your floral arrangements and decorations. Contrary to expectations, the amateur concerned might even be flattered that you have elevated him or her to “designer” status. That solves his or her problem, and yours – the amateur feels appreciated and the professionals (who know and can handle the extent of what’s needed) do the work.

Flowers: cash in on the wedding before yours?

You will often find that churches and other places of worship as well as secular wedding venues get heavily booked up in the spring and summer months, with one wedding after another taking place on the same day.

This can present problems if you want to get yourself or your florist into the ceremony venue to do the flowers prior to your wedding.

One solution to this is to contact the other couples getting married on the same day in the same place, get together with them, agree on a floral scheme you all like, and share the cost. Not only will this solve the practical problem, but also it will save you all quite a lot of money.

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  1. Hi Suze 🙂

    I did a bit of both for my wedding. I saved on the table centrepieces by designing around flowers I could buy from the supermarket. This saved a lot of money and really enjoyed decorating the venue. For the head table I used silk flowers along the front, and put together mini centrepieces along the table, and put everything together before hand, with my decorated candles.

    To save on stress, I booked the florist to do my bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets, with my favourite flowers of sweetpeas, lavender and roses. Also we reused the front of church display and took them with us for the reception venue.

  2. Some great ideas there, Anita, thanks for sharing! I especially like the notion of mixing fresh flowers with silk ones, and for “recycling” the Church display to the reception. Plus of course, the excellent idea of designing the floral arrangements around flowers you can buy from the supermarket; that must have been a huge cost saving. Clever lady!