Want to write a book and get it published? Here’s what you need

How to write better books for publication…
Do you have a great idea for a book, but don’t know how to go about writing and producing it?
Does writing a book seem a lovely idea, but such a large project is a bit scary – especially if it’s your first one?

Get your book written and published - without the scams

That wonderful feeling when your new book is actually published and out there…me with my latest.

Do you wonder if there’s an audience for your book idea, and how to tailor it to appeal?
Have you explored the idea of using a book publishing service but been scared off by publishing scammers? (And there are many…)

The help you need to write your book and get it out there

The bad news, is that writing a book today just adds to the millions of books out there all fighting for attention on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other online outlets, plus the few large bricks-and-mortar outlets that still manage to keep their heads above water.

The good news, is that there are now several more ways to publish a book and none of them carry the old-fashioned stigma of “vanity publishing.

In fact, self-publishing (or co-operative publishing) often is by far the most attractive way for authors to make some money from their book sales, depending of course on the book, its captive and extended audiences, and the author’s opportunities to promote it.

I’ve been working on an entirely new model of service to help new and not-so-new authors get their books written and published in ways that work – not by smoke-and-mirrors fancy “publishing services,” but by real professionals who have real skills and who have real expectations about payment, rather than trying to sting new writers. (But see below.)

Fine and dandy for nonfiction. What about fiction?

At long last, getting fiction published has climbed up over the barbed-wire barriers of snotty-nosed literary agents who only had their percentages and reputations with major publishers at heart. Very few literary agents are willing to take a flying chance on a book that doesn’t fit into the mainstream because, well, they have mortgages and bills to pay. They seldom are risk-takers.

Yet often it’s the risky fiction books that get somewhere. One of life’s little ironies.

Anyway now you can publish fiction yourself and with the right promotion techniques (not expensive) a self-published novel can sell well within its genre, and if so may well be picked up by a major traditional publisher to take forward. Remember, “50 Shades Of Gray” originally was self- published. And look where that led its author.

So what are the catches?

There aren’t many, as long as you know about the scammers out there.

And there are loads. Why?

It probably boils down to the way we authors regard our books almost like they were our children. Especially our “first-born.”

Because many of us look upon writing and publishing a book as a major feat in our business or personal lives, the whole process opens up our vulnerability to scammers who understand how much this all means to a victim, and they work tirelessly to drain you of as much money as possible.

They start off by inveigling you in at a relatively low entry-point, but then wind you up into more and more services without which your book can’t possibly succeed.

Needless to say they don’t sit down with you and work out the whats, whos, wheres, whys and hows of your book concept to start with, which of course can dictate a simple and cost-effective strategy not only for getting the book written, but also for its promotion either into the traditional trade publishing arena, the self-publishing route, or the various hybrid routes available today.

OK. Why you and your colleagues?

As many of you know I’m a prolific author with 34 published books out there, (#35 mid-2018 in the USA), some of which have been organic #1 best sellers on Amazon. FYI, that means those books got to their #1 slots on their own merits – not via the hype scams so many self-publishers use today.

Most titles have been nonfiction/business (plus several joke books!) but I’m now launching into fiction, and humorous poetry with my first volume, “Mischieverse,” out now.


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Having worked across all types of book publishing I’m able to offer experienced advice on options to new authors. What’s more, given my background as a marketing writer and content strategist, the help I offer new authors includes a high level of book marketing expertise – such a critical part of a book’s success today.

Beyond that, we can hand you over to one of the most effective, professional book editors on the market today (and amazingly he doesn’t charge silly money – yet, anyway. But hurry – he’s in great demand.)

If you have admin issues related to marketing your book – e.g. compiling and managing mailing lists – we have a wonderful VA on board whose work saves more neuroses than Valium.

And given that I have an amazing network of contacts in all allied markets, right across all the main English language cultures, whatever you need – wherever – it’s pretty sure we can find it for you.

And we can be sure you’re not a scammer?

Yes. Why else do you think I don’t include my home address in England here on this site? I don’t want my house burned down by the scammers I loathe – and write about. LOL!

Basically because I have written extensively about them here on HTWB and, particularly as many of them have approached me as an author and tried to con me into their evil schemes, I have no hesitation in exposing them. They have tried (but failed) to rip me off, but have successfully ripped off several author friends of mine.

This may be an era of “dog eat dog,” but we authors need to maintain the integrity we work so hard to preserve.

What do you think?

Please share!

(And to get talking about your book, drop me a note on suze@suzanstmaur.com. No promises of fame and fortune, but an honest opinion, some candid advice, and who knows – maybe another best-seller one day.)





  1. Hi Suzan,

    You asked me to drop you a note on here after seeing me on Facebook. I must say, I’m intrigued by your article. I’ve always thought that there must be a sustainable business model for publishing books in a timely and positive manner for authors that doesn’t cost the Earth. I’d love to hear more about your plans.

    The Editing Panda

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