Your chance to write a horror story and get it published

Have you got a gruesome short horror story waiting, unpublished, in a drawer? Even the idea for a truly skin-crawling story, but no incentive to write it up yet? Here’s your chance to get that story published and your name out there as a horror writer…

UPDATE: submissions for this book has now reached the closing date 🙁 (This is as at June 9th, 2017) BUT, don’t despair; keep writing your stories, and keep your eye on Corona Books. There may well be the opportunity for a Volume Two one day. Whatever you do, don’t give up your hopes, or your talent.)

get your horror story publlished via HTWB

No, this is NOT another horror-able publishing scam

Currently I’m working with Corona Books UK on a number of projects including “Mischieverse: rude humour that sort-of rhymes” – see right side bar or click here. Another of those projects is a spine-chilling tome called “The Corona Book of Horror Stories,” which, like “Mischieverse,” is to be published towards the end of 2017.

Unlike so many so-called “publishing companies,” Corona Books – OK, it’s small – but also it’s a genuine young publishing enterprise with every determination to, as its website proclaims, do it properly.

And I quote …

“Corona Books UK is a fledgling publishing company based here in the UK. We aim to publish the brilliant, the innovative and the quirky, and can move with a speed and alacrity which bigger beasts in the publishing world simply wouldn’t dream of. We are the publishers of The Great British Limerick Book – Filthy limericks for (nearly) every town in the UK by Lewis Williams (as recently featured in the Daily Star see here) and of … other great books…”

So: submit a horror story for this genuine opportunity

Yes, that’s what a proper publisher needs to do: set out the deal openly so you know what to expect. Here, then, is what they are offering…verbatim:

Statement of intent

This autumn we will publish The Corona Book of Horror Stories. We intend this to be a collection of some of the best new horror writing. It will comprise between ten and a hard maximum of twenty short stories. We intend variety to be part of the spice of the project, both in terms of the length of the stories – there will be a mix of short short stories and long short stories – and in terms of there being various different takes on what constitutes horror – whether supernatural or natural, graphic or merely sinister. The accent will be on British horror, as the majority of the book’s content will be the work of British authors.

Submissions invited

Submissions are invited of short stories (which we define as being anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 words in length) which are in some sense horrific in their content. We want to encourage variety by not further defining content, but stories should be of recent authorship. Submissions in English are welcomed from any country.

submit your horror story for this new book

Terms of publication

Importantly, we are not asking the authors of any stories we accept for exclusivity or any other rights to their story other than to publish it in The Corona Book of Horror Stories. The authors will retain the copyright to their story and be free to publish it in any form at any time elsewhere. In return, unfortunately, what we can’t offer is immediate riches. What we will provide each contributing author in return with, as well as any kudos and exposure inclusion in the book will entail, is a proportionate share of the net royalties on any sales over the first one thousand copies, one author presentation copy and the right to buy further copies direct from the publisher at cost plus 10%.

Email address for making submissions 

Submissions should be made by email to with PDF or Word attachments only. The same email address should be used for any queries relating to this call. Submissions will be considered as we receive them, but the call will remain open up to and including 31st May 2017.

Want to write and submit YOUR horror story? What are you waiting for?

All the information you need is in the paragraphs above but if you want to chat with me about the proposal, drop me a note on

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