Writing a novel? For NaNoWriMo? Here’s how to bring yours alive – just in time!

How To Write Fiction Without The FussRemember how much we enjoyed Lucy McCarraher’s amazing series of tutorials called “How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss,” here on HTWB earlier this year?

Here’s some even better news…

Lucy has now put those all tutorials together in one handy book and it’s launching today in print and Kindle … just in time for you to devour so your NaNoWriMo book sells thousands … (and for you to give to all your budding author friends and relatives now that the Holidays are just around the corner.)

Lucy’s own first novel, ‘Blood and Water,’ was published by Macmillan after she entered the Richard and Judy ‘How to be published’ competition in 2004. She loves giving other writers the chance to get their novels in print, and discovering some exciting new talent. And this new book goes a long way to achieving that.

“How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss” – the book – has arrived!

Here’s what Rethink Press, Lucy’s publisher, has to say about the book…

Rethink Press has published Lucy’s own book, ‘How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss’, which is based on her extraordinarily popular online fiction-writing course on https://www.howtowritebetter.net. The book is also launched today and gives writers tips on plot structure, characters, setting, theme, writing style and formatting manuscripts – as well as grammar and punctuation.

Sarah Bower, author of the international bestseller ‘Sins of the House of Borgia,’ and ‘The Needle In The Blood’, said, “Lucy McCarraher has distilled all her common sense, wisdom and experience into a concise, readable and practical guide to anyone embarking on the daunting and terrifying task of writing a novel. Not only do I appreciate the book as a novelist, but am also inclined to steal her ideas wholesale as a Creative Writing teacher!”

Want to go beyond NaNoWriMo? Here’s a competition that could see you published

Rethink Press has had an incredibly successful 18 months, having published 25 niche titles – including fiction, self-help, business books, travel, cookery and poetry. It has just become the publishing partner of the Key Person of Influence (KPI) Programme (1).

The international New Novels 2014 Competition gives two new fiction authors a chance to get their novels published in paperback and e-book format, and benefit from the publicity and marketing experience of the Rethink team. Ten shortlisted entries will receive feedback from the judging panel and a coaching session with Lucy.

Lucy says: “Last year we found three amazing novelists and have been privileged to work with them to get their books published. James Ferron Anderson’s literary romance, ‘The River And The Sea,’ has received wonderful reviews; Angela Lawrence is much in demand as a speaker on her WW1 true story, ‘Rumour’; and Keri Beevis’ campus murder story, ‘Dead Letter Day,’ has been a runaway best-seller – we’re looking forward to publishing the sequel.”

The final date for entries to the Rethink Press New Novels 2014 Competition is 31st January 2014. To find out more and enter the competition, click here. And don’t forget to check out Lucy’s fab new book – you’ll love it!

While you’re here, don’t forget to stop by my Bookshop…yet more books and eBooks to help you write better – and to give to friends and family (as we said, the Holiday Season is coming soon!)…





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