Writing about horses special: the pick of HTWB

Do you love horses and horse riding? So do I … or at least I did before health problems made it nearly impossible for me to ride any more. Never mind.

As you can imagine I’ve experienced some amazing stories over my decades of horse riding: here is my pick of them…

Horses on How To Write Better

Me on Irish Draught mare “Willow” and son Tom on Welshie Section A “Taffy” just back from a hack in our English winter

In these articles I’ve shared some of the funniest and loveliest moments of my horse riding days

Anyone who feels the same way I do about horses and riding is sure to identify with one or more – possibly many more – of these true anecdotes…enjoy!

Writing about horses: these boots were made for, er, paddling
Oh, this was an intensely frustrating experience. My dear old thoroughbred mare simply would NOT go through a shallow stream no matter how hard I tried to persuade her. Not being someone who would ever smack a horse hard, I took the kinder way out … at my own expense…

Writing about horses: Her Majesty’s gallop
We tend to forget that horses are herd animals and dogs are pack animals. This fascinating experience showed me just how efficiently the pack instinct amongst dogs, particularly, works no matter how distant two dogs might be or how “civilised” we think they have become.

Writing about horses: social horseworking
No doubt because they are herd animals, horses are incredibly sociable. This experience showed me that even a young horse enjoys social chit-chat and banter and made me do so too, despite my not knowing how devoted he was to gossiping…

Writing about horses: nearly a mis-carriage
The gentle, tranquil Channel Island of Jersey hides an undercurrent of vigorous horsemanship and equestrian activity, or so it seemed anyway when my son and I went out for a quiet hack and came nose-to-nose with a big, scary challenge…

Writing about horses: why stallions should have their teeth extracted
The endearing story of an African thoroughbred horse whose fiery temperament scared the potooties out of me and countless others, but who lived to be an old man who eventually appreciated his fans…

Writing about horses: how to ride a small piano
A little pony that typified the Thelwell genre and was the only equid who managed to tip me out of the saddle for many, many years. A character in a million.

Writing about horses: surely ewe are joking?
A lesson I learned about looking at farm animals’ underparts before dismissing them as harmless and dim-witted … and how a big, grumpy horse solved our problems once and for all.

A writer’s weekend with the wrong kind of horse power
How a gorgeous man (when I was young) made me realise that much though I loved his fancy car as we drove down to a horse riding weekend, his fancy ego amounted to very little … even in the face of small ponies.

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What experiences have you had with horses, ponies and riding?

Please share them here in the comments!

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