Writing about Notre Dame – now that the fire’s out

If you were affected by the fire in Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral earlier this week, you might find this poem (not humorous this time) interesting as it looks at some of the controversy that now surrounds the whole repair issue.

Poem about Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame’s religion hurts.

Notre Dame:
Now that the fire’s out,
have we lit another one – or more?

Notre Dame, you icon, you
So many centuries now burned
History can’t know what to do
Now the flames have left you spurned.

Didn’t take long for the trolls
To smear and slag you off that day
Just minutes while your carcass falls
While modern bitterness held sway.

Then on Facebook was a post
That castigated our sad views
Youngster says “this is the most
Disgusting piece of human news.

What? We older people cried
Why so? What do you mean, young man?
“It’s not the building that’s been fried
It’s what it means that should be banned.”

Have to say, I know this poster.
Great young man, friend of my son’s
Has been through life’s roller coaster
But why come out with blazing guns?

Surely Notre Dame’s destruction
(Well, in part, but bad enough)
Needs us to think of reconstruction
Not bad thoughts or feelings rough.

Where’s the problem? Look inside
The harsh realities of this
This young man is right to deride
Human frailty you can’t miss.

“Why,” he asks, “does no-one question
Not the fire, but the shame
Of this religion’s indigestion
Due to paediaphilic fame?”

Sure, we get your point. OK now.
Notre Dame’s religion hurts.
Scandals are as old as it goes.
Through the years, in fits and spurts.

Can you understand this young man’s pain here?
Millions genuflecting well worldwide?
Praying, crying, holding all dear
With its scandals being so snide?

Well you leaders, think and like on
Time you carved out definitions
On one side, a religious icon
On the other, child destructions.

Funny, ain’t it, how we hover
Between being pure and then street wise
Makes us think just why we bother
To mourn a fire? Or political lies?

Another poster, great suggestion
Even funnier? He’s Jewish.
Looks upon the church destruction
As a challenge old, yet now newish.

“Seeing how old this Notre Dame is,
It will need some artists brilliant
In the skills when Notre Dame was
Using centuries old  ‘skilliants.‘”

Brief translation? Opportunities.
Chances for our artisans new
Modern architects now “a-spire-ing”
Creating for the future, too.

But quite apart from church-led scandals
Or for repairs well artisan led
Another issue lights a candle
Yet more sadness rears its head

“Millions given are disgusting!
If you rich folks are so flush
Give instead to people starving
Shame on you. You make us blush.”

Yes, of course we can’t deny it
Repair funds could go long ways
Feed a small country, perfect remit
Provide them with temporary ease.

But what happens to that nation
Once those millions are spent?
Could it last, that great donation?
Or would it be a momentary dent…

…in that country’s struggle onwards
Without making changes needed
Like infrastructure to move forwards;
Political strife conceded.

It takes more than money, sadly
To put right a country’s wrongs
Much as I would very gladly
Use money to feed such throngs…

…if it were a real solution
Not just as a mere one-hit
But a long-term resolution
To a poor country, bit-by-bit?

So what good can come from funding?
Apart from fixing Notre Dame
OK, donors get their punting
Kudos from PR and fame…

…but whatever. Let’s get real here
Let the donors get their thrills
Let their money pay what some fear
Could otherwise have been tax bills.

I think Notre Dame’s destruction
Should be split from politics
Much as I can see the ruction
And not take sides with heretics.

Notre Dame is part of Europe
(That these Brits so wish to quit)
Love it all, despite its syrup
Hope it can be repaired and make it.

Not because of its religion
Not because it “hides sex crimes”
Not because it invites creation
Not because “it wastes food-buying dimes.”

Just because it’s part of history
Not because of history past
But another historical mystery
A heritage that will last and last.

What do you feel about the burning of Notre Dame in Paris?

Do you feel that our mourning Notre Dame’s damage is hypocritical given that the Catholic Church allegedly has been harbouring paedophiles etc. over the decades, probably centuries … plus that the millions to be invested in its repair would be better spent on alleviating poverty and starvation?

Or do you separate these issues and regard Notre Dame part of an international heritage that is worth repairing and treasuring?

Please share your views

Yes, please do. What you think is important. Sz x