Writing day-to-day business emails: how to get better results

If you need to write emails for business, job, sport, hobby, charity, recreation etc. (and who doesn’t?) there are quite a few very simple yet effective tips to make yours get more engagement and results… the results you want, too.

Writing day-to-day emails top tips from HTWBThese tips are not the same as you would use for email marketing, necessarily, although there are some common denominators. However if you want help with how to write a stonking email advertising campaign, I recommend this article by Pat Owings on the Inbound Marketing Blog.

Writing day-to-day business emails: a couple of slaphead tips

Below I share short summaries of other articles about writing emails here on #HTWB for you to choose from, but before we get into those here are a couple of those silly, slaphead lightbulb ideas I tripped over recently that can make a big difference to the readability of your emails.

Stop using small, bijou fonts

Not all email systems allow you to adjust the size of the text you use and of course you can’t know how the text will look on your reader’s screen, but it’s worth a try all the same.

I’m sure you know how fashionable it is currently to use small type on websites, blogs, in emails etc. But let’s be boringly practical here for a moment.

Much as this might look elegantly petite and chic on the web designer’s four-foot (122 cms approx) wide screen, even after you’ve made those widening gestures with your thumb and forefinger on your cellphone screen the text still can be bloody hard to read. Then, if it’s large enough for you to see clearly on the cellphone screen, you can only read about six words at a time – if you’re lucky.

Face it, too – not everyone has 20-20 eyesight, especially over the age of about 40

If you’re 20 years old now and think 40 is time to go push up daisies, think again. An ancient monument in their 40s could well be your next boss, your next recruiter, or your next customer or client.

Forget the little point sizes in single figures and go for a font of about 14 points, depending on which one you use.

Choose fonts that are classic and easy to read. I know everyone bangs on about sticking to Times New Roman or Arial but there is a good reason for that: it’s easy to read and works across even the trickiest of email clients and platforms.

After all, what you want is your message to get noticed, read and acted on … not proposed as a new exhibit of eccentric art at the Tate Modern.

How about business email colours and stuff?

Once again, fashion dictates that we no longer have to stick to boring old monochrome in our day-to-day business emails and with most email systems there is a rainbow of colours not only of text, but also of background, to choose from.

Yippetty Doo. Trouble is, once again let’s get back to that four-foot screen and watch how the deep golden hues of a type face (font) sit symbiotically on a background of delicate, light peach and make the whole thing look like a delightful fantasy from a Disney fairy tale.

Face, it, folks. That colour palette brought down to boring old earth in an email means it will be a fairy tale alright … one that’s impossible to fathom.

Ditto the dark, sexy background colour with text in a few shades lighter. Yes, it may look cool on a big screen but try to figure it out on a tablet or phone and it all screws up into a mess.

Get real: if you want to use colours that’s OK, but make sure there is enough contrast between your words/text and the background, even in the most basic online circumstances.

And now for day-to-day email tips we have here on #HTWB already

Some quick reminders of aspects of ordinary business email tips we have already covered here on #HTWB … take your pick!

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What tips can you share about writing effective day-to-day business emails?

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