Writing for a living – and for life: an interview with Ali, Suze and a Sprocker

I was really flattered to be asked by the amazing Ali Moore, psychotherapist and coach at Bemoore, to feature in one of her Reconnection videos on YouTube.

Bemoore Reconnection

Ali Moore

Ali’s Reconnection series, as the name suggests, explores times in people’s lives when they have – either voluntarily, coincidentally or accidentally – reconnected with themselves and others and so made substantial improvements to their happiness and wellbeing.

In this video, I share the time when, after many years focusing on advertising writing while writing and marketing my own books, I switched to helping other people to write, market and publish books of their own.

The best reconnection moment of my career

It was a scary experience because it grabbed me by the hair and whipped my out of my comfort zone. But it also made me realise how lucky I am to be able to make a living out of doing what I love (and yes, I love running HowToWriteBetter too, even after nearly eight years!)

In the video you will notice a third, non-talking head of a lovely brown character called Reggie, who is a cross Springer Spaniel – Working Cocker Spaniel. He is the cutest whirling dervish I have ever seen and I would take him home in a heartbeat (so he could ping off the walls in my house!)


What reconnection moments have you had in your life?

Please share!