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Not just “know how,” but what
do YOU want to know next?

Recently I had a big meltdown with HTWB when I discovered that a big chunk of what I thought was “traffic” turned out to be spam from China. Now that we’ve blocked China from the site, guess what? Reads and visits have dropped.

OK, whatever, that’s commonplace these days. But … given that I and the other writers who contribute here for nothing put a lot of effort (and I mean  a lot of effort) genuinely want to keep helping you readers with your writing for free, as we do … we need a bit of support.

Without that and the traffic it brings, what few $$$ we make from selling books from here will drop even further and so I won’t be able to finance HTWB any more.

Would you really like to see this site close down? I hope not…

Please say what writing information you need and want

If you like HTWB and the information we share and curate, please let us know.

Let us know, too, what other writing advice you’d like that we’re not already covering.

And equally, tell us what / where we’re doing wrong.

If you like HTWB, what can you do to help keep the site going?

First of all, comment and/or email (suze@suzanstmaur.com) with what you think – and/or what you’d like to see and read about.

If you like what we say on here, please share it with your friends and colleagues. Bear in mind that we offer more than 700 free-to-view articles on a wide variety of writing genres – both social/creative and business orientated – and there’s plenty more to come!

Comment on the posts themselves: you may suspect that people don’t care what you think, but that’s wrong. Everyone’s opinions matter and are appreciated.

If you prefer to comment on our posts when they’re shared on Google Plus, no worries – those comments are shared back here now, too.

If you’re a business blogger, of course, you can join us on Blog Writing News. That’s becoming quite popular. I run it personally – no fancy software, just me sending out curated eMailings every two weeks or so about the best information (largely other people’s) on business blogging I’ve come across on the web in the intervening time. In nearly a year I’ve had over 600 sign-ups and all of 2 unsubs, so it seems I’m doing something right.

What’s the upshot?

What I really would like, is some feedback on how you use HTWB and how you would like to use it from here on. Please let me know in the comments below what you find helpful, and what more you want to see.

blog,writing,news,blogging,business,Suzan St Maur,howtowritebetter.net,how to write betterI await your views!

Thanks in anticipation.








  1. I like what you write 🙂
    Sometimes I find things that I hadn’t thought of, sometimes it confirms that I’m doing the right things.
    But I’m wondering whether there has been just an overload with blogs generally that people don’t comment anymore. I certainly noticed it on my own blog. All my posts this month have been shared by many, I have increased my followers on twitter from a large amount of teaching professionals in the US but NOBODY commented!
    Having said that, I rarely comment at the moment. I seem to read so many blog posts that I feel I don’t have the time to comment as well.
    I don’t know what we can do about it …..

    • I think you’re right, Angelika, and it seems Trudy is of a similar opinion. Information overload! And the emphasis is definitely shifting: it will be interesting to continue tracking which way things are going. And thank you, too, for your kind words!

  2. Where do I start — I print out and use your blog posts most of which come from your posting in your linkedin group. But there are many blogs and many that I subscribe to — almost none that I make time to comment on. I think it’s also because I know you (as well as your posts being so good!) that makes we want to comment. I also KNOW that you read them.

    What a dilemma – please don’t stop – maybe you could do them a little less frequently instead of not at all ?

    • Thanks for that Trudy! Am having a good think about all my social media activities. Am especially interested in publishing articles on LinkedIn as those I have done already on there seem to be quite popular. So maybe you’re right – less frequent on here. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!