Writing for mobile: words on the run?

Writing for mobile: words on the run?This is an area of considerable importance today and is a very, very long way from those geeky SMS/text messages of the “CU l8er” variety we’ve been used to for some years.

Because you can now surf the internet using your mobile device, business communicators are having to take another look … and rather a long, considered look … at how their websites and blogs translate on to what we old goats describe as gizmos smaller than cigarette packs on which we’re expected to read the entire content of the universe.

Word on the street is, many businesses are adopting an attitude of “let’s see if our main website works for mobile” … rather than rethinking their content and messages for a medium that is very different from the full-blown www. Experts are advising website owners to stop hoping that their websites will work on mobile devices because there is a very good chance that they won’t.

Take a good look at your website or blog on a mobile device

Being an utter Luddite I don’t have one of these fancy phones that allow you to surf the net – yet – so the other day I asked a friend to put up HowToWriteBetter.net on his touch phone to see how it looked in miniature.

Well, of course, I needed the reading glasses to see anything at all even though as he stroked the screen bigger and bigger images came up. And as HTWB.net is pretty straightforward with few frills, I wasn’t too disappointed in the result.

But what happens with sites – even blogsites – that are much more complex than mine?

I shudder to think. I know younger folks have good eyesight and these touchy-feely devices are able to magnify text to an extent where even I can read the text without glasses.

However, an alarmingly large number of websites and even blogs translate very poorly to mobile. And although it’s not really within my remit to comment on it, it’s worth flagging up and thinking about how your own site or blog works on the weenie-screens. As more and more people use their mobile devices to surf the net … and if you’re in business, potentially buy products and services via mobile devices … anyone with a site that turns into utter gibberish on a touchy-feely phone will stand to lose out in no uncertain terms. That’s something no-one can afford right now.

Writing for mobile: words on the run?And writing for mobile?

Well, until these mobile devices manage to implant a device in people’s brains which allow unlimited communication, you guessed it…

…brief, short, sharp and direct is what’s needed, especially when you’re squinting at such a small screen. Get your key messages over in plain language on your home page and make sure your site navigation is very easy and very simple.

As for audio and video on mobile?

Interesting … and especially with audio, could offer some exciting possibilities that could compensate for mobile’s – so far – visual limitations. I’m going to shut up about it now, but I certainly will be watching this space.

If you work with online mobile marketing, what are your thoughts on its future? Please share them with us if you can spare a moment or two!

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