Writing From The Heart – goodbye, my young friend

If you’ve lost a close friend or family member to cancer, this poem of mine may resonate with you. I wrote it about our beautiful 37-year-old cancer group member who passed away in 2017, leaving behind an 8-year-old daughter.

My language is rude as usual, but this time I don’t apologise other than asterisking out the rudest words. I was angry, as we all are at such a cruel curtailment of a young life.

Writing From The Heart: goodbye, my young friend

RIP Deb, whose favourite colour was blue.


Who knows when your number’s up.
Three score years and ten, and then?
Bullsh*t. You just sip your cup
Take pot luck, maybe where and when.

Had some aches and pains last year?
Wondered if they meant much, really?
Asked the quack what might react
With hospital tests, ideally?

Never mind, you’re far too young.
A monster in your bowel? So silly.
Coeliac disease was the doctors’ ease
No chance of cancer – well, not really.

But that really, really was
Well, really, really, really.
We’re looking at a short prognose
Of cancer. Stage Four. Deadly.

How could someone like this, so young
Be facing death, in weeks to come
When life, in truth, had just begun
A web unravelled, life unspun.

Basically, life’s that unfair
An ugly, ugly travesty
May her demise in coming weeks
Recognise her majesty.

I, for one, will be there for
Her outgoing cancer treatment
And when she breathes her last that time
I’ll breathe in sad agreement.

And lo, today, her time has come
Young life p*ssed down the river
We said goodbye and au revoir
A tragic loss, forever.
RIP Deb.

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