Writing names for new weed products in Stonetario, Canada…

With recent news in Ontario, Canada that manufacturers of drinks and other products are keen to get in on Canada’s incoming legalisation of fun-filled weed, here are some suggestions for bespoke brand names that will take the new market by storm…

Let's all get high in Ontario

Not to be smoked with a pinch of salt…

Names for new cannabis drink and food products: some ideas

Doctor Potter

A & W Cream Stoner

Hawaiian Skunk

Hires Doobie Beer

Caffeine Free Mountain Doobiefunny article about legalisation of cannabisCanada Jay Ginger Ale

Irn Juju



Dairy Green Oreo Blizzardfunny article about legalisation of cannabisArby’s Weed ‘n Cheddar

Skunkin Donuts

Five Guys Spliffs & Fries

Rasta Bolognese

KFC Chicken Potcornfunny article about legalisation of cannabisMcHashish Happy Meal

Taco Bell Cheesy Nuggies Crunch

McDonald’s Cheeba McNuggets

Burger King Bonger

Beefy Joint Burritofunny article about legalisation of cannabisNando’s Puffy Puffy Chicken

Pizza Express Mary Jane

Subway Cheeba & Bacon Ranch Melt

Not to be smoked with a pinch of salt, however…

Much as the above may be a bit of fun, weed is set to become big business. In their article pictured above, authors Christina Pellegrini and Marina Strauss say …

“The rise of a legal cannabis market has stoked fears among brewers and soft-drink makers that marijuana will dent already declining or stagnating sales. On the eve of legalization in Canada, some of these companies are trying to understand the potential shift in consumer behaviour and avoid being left behind.”

funny article about legalisation of cannabisAnd it looks like good old-fashioned booze makers, as well as the soft drinks and food producers, had better watch out for their popularity…

“…many beverage companies are looking for new ways to bolster their slow-growing business. Big brewers are looking to stem falling sales and not miss out on the next big thing, like many did with female drinkers, craft brews, cider and seltzer, said Vivien Azer, an analyst at Cowen Inc. As well, alcoholic drink companies struggle with the spectre of possibly losing market share to cannabis firms.”

Read the full article here.

Canada’s even cooler now, eh?

And what other new brand/product names can you think of? Please share…