Writing on the wrong foot … for us girls

“She entered with a knowing smile teasing her lips, sank into the comfort of the plush chair in the corner.


A handsome stranger turned, locked his steely gray eyes on hers and moved slowly toward her, his experienced gaze measuring her, hypnotizing her with his soft murmurs of assurance.


He sank to his knees before her and without a word, smoothly released her from her constraining attire.


With a sigh of surrender, she allowed his foreign hands to unleash her bare flesh.


He expertly guided his hands through this tender, usually hidden territory, his movements deliberate, confident in his ability to satisfy her desire.


Her senses swam. She was overcome with an aching desire that had gone unfulfilled for so long.


And, just as it seemed that ecstasy was within her grasp, he paused, and for one heart-stopping moment, she thought, “It’s too big! It will never fit!”


But with a sudden rush, it slid into place as if it had been made only for her. As pleasure and contentment washed over her, she met his steady gaze and smiled.


And he knew it wouldn’t be long before she came back. Oh, yes, this woman would want more.


She would want to do it again and again and again.


Buying shoes does that to you…”

(Original author unknown.)

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  1. […] Writing on the wrong foot … for us girls […]

  2. […] Writing on the wrong foot … for us girls […]