My written communication award … maybe not the Booker Prize, but it’s nice

I was thrilled to get an award this week from the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2020 … much as I don’t like to brag or boast, it is gratifying to get a pat on the head. That’s especially true this year when many of us have had a terrible time with our businesses and have been working extra hard to keep the show on the road.

Suzan St Maur wins award for written communication

And after writing millions of words over my career, and I do mean millions (at a guess I’d say around two million here on HTWB alone), I’m flattered to be considered ‘outstanding.’

As for ‘influential’ I’m not so sure, but I do know that I can make readers laugh!

How do you feel about these industry awards?

Do you get the feeling that some of them are just money-making scams that expect entrants to pay a lot to enter … then tell them they have been shortlisted so must attend the awards dinner for which tickets cost a small fortune … then give out lots of lesser prizes to massage as many egos as possible and clear a very healthy profit?

I was impressed with this one because for once I was not asked to pay anything. A genuine award at last and one of which I’m very proud.

Have you won any awards?

And if so, how did it make you feel? Do you think they are an honest way of celebrating achievement?

Please share your views – I would love to know and I’m sure our other readers would too.

Sz x