Do you suffer from written message meltdown?

Now that every online platform and their German Shepherd has a messaging facility, do you ever find it hard to remember who’s messaged you where?

Of course, I’m a boring old goat who now uses the excuse of advancing years to cover up the fact I’ve been a scatterbrain since birth. But come on …. really?

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What really banboozles me is trying to remember who messaged me, on what platform.

Here are the main messaging platforms I use…

Facebook / Messenger

And then there are many more, as you know. Far too many to register here.

What bamboozles my increasingly deep-fried brain is not how to use the platforms – oh, no. Individually, they are simple and straightforward.

What really banboozles me is trying to remember who messaged me, on what platform.

Now I know that all you bright young things out there might think I’m due for the dung heap, actually I’m not 90 years old, am still working, and still have my own teeth.

Given that there are quite a few others out there like me, here’s a question to ponder:

How the hell can we keep track of all these message inputs and not have to f*** around for several minutes trying to find stuff?

I freeely confess that not only am I a total scatterbrain but also have the patience of a starving shark sniffing a swimmer’s leg. What can we do?

I know, I could be more organised and create individual folders and documents and other stuff to help categorise everything. But all that probably takes longer than just knowing who messaged me where.

Is there a way out of this?

Well, come on, you techie types. Unless I have missed the boat completely, where is a system/app that can manage all your messaging into one simple dashboard? I haven’t heard of one and despite being an old fart I keep my ear pretty close to the ground where online news is concerned. (Part of my job.)

I know there are messaging management systems available for businesses to chart up their outgoing messages for marketing comms.

But I can’t find one anywhere that just charts incoming messages, from whom, and via which platform.

If I have missed such an app, please let me know about it. And if I haven’t, please, please, someone develop one!

Rant over. Promise.

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