Written smiles to cheer and end our week

Want some smiles from the ‘media’ that aren’t about Brexit or Donald Trump?

sales pitches that are wrong

OK, maybe there isn’t much to laugh about in UK and USA politics right now, but let us at least try to get a smile out of something…

Given the sheer hysteria we’re experiencing in UK politics right now, plus the increasing capriciousness we ingest from politicians in the USA and elsewhere, let’s end this week with a few smiles, rather than sobs.

It has been a while since I curated the funniest of the UK’s Daily Fail’s goofs, but here are a few of my favourites that have emerged over the last couple of weeks or so. Enjoy.

Latest whoopsies from our UK’s dear Daily Fail

Princess Anne’s daughter Peter Phillips, his wife Autumn and children Savannah and Isla were seen enjoying a view. I bet others were enjoying a view of them, too, if they had swopped genders.

‘Katie and Jamie looked happy. They both came in the same car together, with her mom,’ an insider told Us. I’ve heard of weird threesomes but this won takes First Prize.

Swim-suits you! The bandeau style bikini top offered a look at her ample cleavage, whilst the skimpy matching briefs showcased her peachy posterior. The photo was shot from the front. Where was her ‘peachy posterior?’

Petrified: ‘The work she had done was some intense surgery and she’s been worrying that her ears might drop off’ continued the source. Not surprised. Maybe she should have addressed that one prior to losing ears?

The singer, 27, looked nothing short of sensational for her performance, donning an oversized white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a knot tied across her abdomen. Was the knot intended to secure her shirt or place on the stage?

The top was high neck with no sleeve, while the pant portion really popped out as it was a shiny silk. I’ll bet it did. Nothing like shiny silk to pop out when you least expect it to do so.

Prince Andrew was photographed at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion in 2010 waving off a lady who was seen coming and going through the front door. Assuming she wasn’t a ghost, you should have put a revolving mechanism in. NB: Ghislaine Maxwell doppelgängers: take note.

As she strutted along the sidewalk, she carried a small black handbag as she hid behind a pair of sleek black sunglasses. Did she hide the small black handbag behing her eyes?

Off he goes: Maintaining her sporty appearance, the musician – who owns a secluded mansion in the New York village of Amagansett – strolled along the grounds in a pair of trainers. So glad to know she wasn’t barefoot or in 6-inch heels

Greetings: The pair shook hands with crew as they descended onto dry land following their ride along the large body of water. The large body of water concerned was the Mediterannean. Yep – that’s, er, large.

The sportsman could hardly sit still as he spent some time running around his girlfriend. Ants in his pants, and you wonder what else he is running around.

Extreme halitosis: Gemma Collins says James Argent’s ‘diet’ breath is so bad it made her vomit all of over the bathroom. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure James Argent’s publicists will have been delighted to see your comment.

Opting for bigger breasts yet again, Katie had another set of implants, along with implants, Botox and lip fillers. Do her implants have implants? Hmmmm.

Style: Kate looked in high spirits as she got behind the wheels where she donned a pink and white stripped jumpsuit with a deep V-neckline. Personally, I prefer to get changed in the bathroom.

Horsing around: Summer cut a solo figure as she led her door to the stable gates. I haven’t ridden a door before, but I’ll take your word for it that doing so gets you a photoshoot in the Daily Fail.

What other pearls of hilarity have you seen in media goofs recently?

(And let’s not even go there as far as USA and UK politics are concerned … we would need far more space to include it all!)