Yet more howlers from the Daily Fail

Another bumper lot of howlers from the UK newspaper we all love to hate … enjoy…

Yet more howlers from the Daily Fail

But after tying the knot, Sir Paul’s daughters looked decidedly glum. A lot depends on who they all married, of course.

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis chose a blue midi-length skirt for dinner out in Manchester on Saturday night. Hope it came with skinny fries and béarnaise sauce.

Laugh out loud: George couldn’t contain himself in the company of his obviously-hilarious beauty. Shame he got the giggles when he looked into the mirror.

Radiant: Julia had glowing, smooth skin during the filming. Might have been connected with the infra-red lamps or when the catering van caught fire.

Natural beauty: Bisset, seen here in a photo shoot in 1067, was hailed by Newsweek a decade later as ‘the most beautiful film actress of all time.’ Amazing what good nutrition and cosmetic surgery can do across 9 centuries.

Statuesque: Karlie Kloss put her model physique on full display as she donned a long, sleeveless gown. It always does take some contortionist agility to pull one of those over your head.

Simple chic: Kendall, 19, was dressed in an ivory long sleeve and skirt. Wonder what she wore on the other arm.

Guests gathered under the steps of the church to watch the couple share their first kiss as husband and wife. Hope the steps were wide enough to protect guests from the spray.

Rachel Bilson steps out for the first time after reports ex Adam Brody is having a baby. Bet she needed a stiff gin when she first heard that. Amazing how we can procreate these days.

Amelia Earhart (pictured) was a U.S. aviation pioneer born on July 24 1987, who disappeared on July 2 1937. Interesting that she was a pioneer of time travel, too.

The boss: While the boss David is away at home for the weekend, it’s down to Brooklyn to look after the family. Where does David hide – in the basement perhaps?

Brooklyn Beckham took to Instagram on Friday to shoot himself in mirrored Aviators from his mother Victoria Beckham’s fashion range. I hope Mom’s Aviators are bullet-proof.

Holliday Grainger wore a slick trouser suit with nude sandals with her sunglasses. Her sandals must have been glad to get out of the sun.

What would life be like without these howlers from our favorite love-to-hate UK newspaper?

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  1. Show’s there’s a definite market for poofreading out there. Where do I sign up?:-)