Your business too boring to blog about? Nonsense!

small__4838444435Lots of people write about this topic and many of them come up with some good ideas, so I thought I would set myself an exercise to come up with some blog post notions that take that whole concept one stage further … and with luck, help to inspire you when you’re thinking up blog post ideas of your own.

Here we have some topics for which the average business person – or ghost blogger – would not necessarily find it easy to come up with a list, because the types of business supposedly are too “mundane” and “ordinary.”

I say, b*lls to that: there is no such thing as a boring business. All that needs is some creative thinking. So let’s allow our imaginations to run wild for a bit…

Plumbing and heating

  • small_93611154All the obvious topics like what to do about water leaks, frozen pipes, central heating breakdowns, air conditioning breakdowns, hot water failures, leaking toilets, dead birds in the cold water tank, etc., etc.
  • (UK) the ancient – Victorian – sewerage system and how we still have to cope with it
  • Plumbing through the ages – a series of articles on the weird and wonderful plumbing systems of the past
  • Thomas Crapper and other urban legends about toilets (humorous!)
  • Septic tanks, how they originated and stories associated with them
  • Plumbing catastrophes such as this story
  • Legends – and true stories – about reptiles having been flushed down toilets and re-appearing at unfortunate moments
  • Water and how we receive it: the facts
  • Water tables and what they mean
  • How watersheds work
  • Flood plains and homes built on them: a real threat?
  • What to do when a flood threatens
  • What to do when a flood strikes
  • Why you need to be vigilant about the electrical side of plumbing
  • What to do if your gas boiler goes out
  • Which type of central heating is best for your home?
  • Which type of heating is most cost-effective for your business premises?
  • Is it worth installing air conditioning in your home in northern Europe?
  • Why air conditioned offices help workers be more productive

Electrical contracting

  • small__5884218688All the obvious precautionary advice you can give to your customers including safety for children, wiring plugs, saving money by switching off, when to call in an electrician, light bulb money-saving, etc., etc.
  • When electricity was first discovered, and how early humans handled it
  • When electricity was first harnessed by humans and how
  • What happened in the ensuing early days soon after electricity was harnessed
  • How early electricity was developed beyond the basics
  • How electricity is generated in our country
  • How electricity is generated in other countries
  • Electricity “grids” and national networks: what can go wrong
  • The main causes of power outages
  • How likely are you to get a power cut?
  • How to cope during a power cut
  • Wind turbines: what do they contribute and how valuable is that?
  • Solar panels: are they really worth investing in?
  • What does the future hold for Fossil Fuel powered electricity?
  • Is nuclear power the right answer?
  • What would happen to the world if electricity were threatened?
  • Section for kids: simple infographics about electricity and how it works … opportunity for setting up a quiz, or perhaps a project in local schools

Painting and decorating

  • small__4121413003Obvious topics like what colors suit what types, what the different colors deliver in terms of atmosphere
  • How color has been used through the centuries
  • What do the colors people choose for their homes say about them?
  • The differences color can make in creating an atmosphere in your home
  • How colors can influence productivity in factories
  • How colors can influence productivity in offices
  • How colors can influence stress levels and recovery times in hospitals
  • Can a blue waiting room make doctors’ and dentists’ patients relax?
  • What color means to animals
  • What colors mean to children
  • How what colors mean to children can be used usefully in their education
  • How vision-impaired people react to color in their minds
  • How colors can influence babies’ and young children’s behavior
  • History of paint and what it’s made from (lead, etc., in past)
  • Varishes and shellacs – why do you need them and what do they do?
  • Wallpaper – history (series of articles) plus obvious topics e.g. styles, colors, materials
  • Paint and decoration techniques through the ages, from what caveman painted on their walls onwards

Home construction/building

  • small_38130652Obvious topics like all you need to know about selecting the right company to build your home or build something on to it
  • The financial truth about having extensions built
  • Does having your home extended really add to its for sale value?
  • Conservatories (UK): how much value do they really add to your property?
  • How to check if your home needs attention due to damp, cracks, etc.
  • Interesting historical posts about the ways in which homes were built back through the centuries
  • How homes are built in other countries, other cultures, developing countries, etc.
  • Why some homes don’t have basements or cellars
  • Thatched roofs: are they really safe? (UK)
  • What causes the disastrous building collapses in developing countries
  • The key differentiating factors about home building in various climates and cultures
  • The key issues involved in acquiring your own building plot/lot in a variety of countries
  • How to go about seeking permission to have a home built in your country and community
  • Legal issues regarding home building in various different countries
  • How to go about building a home yourself (with a little help!)
  • Just how much money can you save with DIY construction?
  • Series of “how to” articles on how to do small building/construction jobs yourself


  • small__6492980365All the obvious topics about hair care, coloring, cutting, styling, enhancement products etc.
  • Hair styles through the ages … a series of articles going back to medieval times
  • Quick fixes for curly, straight, thin, thick and other “problem” hair
  • How stress can damage your hair
  • A Bad Hair Day: circumstances or stress?
  • Losing your hair: alopecia, how to deal with it
  • Losing your hair: chemotherapy, what to expect, how to deal with it, how soon it will regrow (series of articles)
  • Wigs: their place in medical problems
  • Wigs: their place as alternatives to styling!
  • Hairpieces and the part they play in fashion
  • Hair extensions: the various types to choose from
  • Why it’s so expensive to have hair extensions put it
  • The best relaxant treatments for Afro-Caribbean, African and other tightly curled hair
  • Hairstyles through history: wigs or not?
  • What social meaning hairstyles held in centuries gone by
  • Men’s hairstyles of old: wigs or long, dirty locks?
  • Perms: do people still have them and if so, why?
  • Hair color through history – what people used to tint their hair centuries ago
  • The truth about how often you should wash your hair
  • How much does a new hairdo raise your self-esteem?
  • How to choose the best value for home hair dryers, tongs, etc.

….and so-on. I could go on for hours and each time I skim through this article while I’m uploading it I’m thinking of more and more! However a) you’ll be getting bored by now and b) my lovely accountant Geeta will start shouting at me for giving away free information.


What I hope I have illustrated in these few lines, here, is that no matter how ordinary you think your business is, there is probably a whole lot more relevant stuff you can blog about, if you just open your mind up to further, but still related, topics. Do some “exponential thinking,” as the posh term in Forbes puts it…

Now go on. Try me with another supposedly “ordinary” type of business and see if I can come up with a list of interesting blog topics for it … !! I await your challenge…

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  1. Great post Suzan! I’m a mod at and I’m constantly encouraging writers to write better content even with their same old, same old boring topics. All it takes is a bit of imagination and a little bit of extra effort. It’s not so difficult after all!

    • Hi Shannon and welcome to a fellow Canuck if I’m not mistaken! I hate to use a cliche but coming up up blog post ideas really does need you to “think outside the box.” A number of people laughed at me when I started this blog and said there was no way I could come up with enough articles/posts about writing. Well, here we are two and half years later and I’m still posting 4 times a week (plus my two gorgeous columnists once a week each) with about 500 articles in the archives. As you say, it’s not so difficult after all! Thanks for dropping in and please come back again soon.

      PS: I was born in Kingston ON, now most of the family are in TO and Ottawa. Where are you?

      • I’m in the GTA Suzan. I’ve been here about 12 years now and will never get used to the darn humidity lol. I was born in northern BC and raised in Kamloops, BC. But I’ve lived in a few different provinces too.

        I’m in the midst of finally kick starting myself into blogging about blogging, WordPress, SEO and social media. Still deciding on a site theme and have to start writing initial posts. But I can’t decide what to start with first! Yes, I admit some procrastination “may” be involved lol.

        I was thrilled to come across your site! I’ve got you on Feedly now so I’ll be sure to watch for future content and be back for more soon 🙂

        My main blog is and will let ya know when I finally get the other started

        • Wow, Shannon! You must have found southern Ontario in summer as welcoming as a swamp after BC… I will be “home” late July for a few weeks so if you’re around let’s get together – I’d love to meet you. (My folks live west, i.e. Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville) but I will have wheels so can go anywhere. I’ll drop you a note via your site with more on that.

  2. Ok, challenge time. I just taught a student about jobs and asked her what her job was. She’s a civil servant. Now, what blog posts could she write?

    • Oh, there would be lots of potential here. How about:

      *Series of articles on the history of the civil service
      *Famous civil servants through the centuries
      *Amusing anecdotes about the past in the civil service (e.g. “tightly rolled brollies and bowler hats” of the first half of the 20th C)
      *What the earliest civil servants actually did (must be some entertaining stories here)
      *Does working in the civil service trample on your personality?
      *What makes working for the government different from other jobs
      *Etiquette and social rules for civil servants
      *Do civil servants really deserve a reputation for being boring?
      *Unusual roles in the civil service (e.g. the Downing Street cat!)
      *What civil servants wear to work, and why
      *Civil service jargon: a whole new language?
      *Is working for the civil service still “a job for life?”
      *How much of a threat is redundancy in today’s civil service?
      *The key benefits of having a job in the civil service
      *What the civil service and the commercial sector have in common as employers
      *The civil service in the future: can it keep up with the times?

      That’s it for now – will add more later as I think of them! And thanks for the challenge…

  3. Hi Suze, as you know I run a blog around disability and employment. I do the occasional “series” of blogs – one was on disability etiquette, one on good employment practices, and currently spotlighting some of our talented candidates. Any ideas for any other series I could have a go at?

    • Thanks for that Jane – here are some ideas that you might like:

      Series of articles on how to look smart for work (clothes, fashions, shoes, hair, makeup, etc. taking disability into consideration) … perhaps getting input from hair and makeup artists, fashion consultants, etc.

      Reviews of existing and new disability equipment, especially those relevant to the workplace

      Series of interviews with Paralympians and other disabled athletes about their lives, their advice to people with disabilities who work, and their employers

      Series of articles about sports and hobbies for people with disabilities … leading perhaps to a “recreation and hobbies” section on the Evenbreak website where candidates and employers can share ideas for useful use of leisure time?

      Series of articles on how to write well for job applications, CVs, covering letters, etc. NB: Our lovely Lynn Tulip has already done a wonderful series on that here on HTWB and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you ran it on Evenbreak with a credit, adapted here and there if appropriate.

      Series of articles about adult education opportunities for people with disabilities and how those can enhance their “saleability” on the job market

      Hope that helps!

      • That’s given me some food for thought – thanks! I think most people who read the blogs are employers rather than candidates, so I tend to gear the subject matter towards them, but there are some great ideas to get me thinking here!

        • Aha, OK.

          The series about equipment to help disabled people in the workplace would be relevant for employers as well as employees, I suspect.

          How about a series of tips for HR people on existing and new legislation connected with employing disabled people, how to advise their staff with disabilities on various financial/tax issues that might crop up, how earnings combine with any benefits they might be receiving, etc.?

          This might be a long shot, but perhaps a series on how to run fundraiser events for charities connected with the disabled employees they have? Not only how to do it, but also how to publicize it to maximize the benefits all round?

          And another series on Health & Safety tips that are of especial importance to employees with disabilities?

          I’ll come back if I can think of any more!

  4. If you need inspiration for a headline I was told about this free tool the other day. It doesn’t work every time but it does give you some catchy ideas sometimes.


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